Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Cream Cookies

My Husbands good friend was having a baby shower for his wife, and I've always wanted to make Ice Cream Cone Cookies, so this was the opportunity I had to make them.
I totally loved them..and so did the little kiddos.

Cake Pops

I am a Sucker when it comes to French Vanilla Cake pops. The combination of the French Vanilla and the colored chocolate is SOOO Mouth Watering, and begging me for MORE!!!
So again I made these as my gift for my God-sister's daughter.
Now seriously, who could resist these cute little things?
I sure can't.


Bling Bling Cookies

As my gift, I made these Diamond Rings and Diamond cookies for my God sister's, daughters 1st birthday. She told me it was going to be a Jewel themed Party, so what better way than to make some blinged out cookies!!

Star Cookies and Cake pops

I made these cookies for my family for New years. It was a different sugar cookie recipe that I tried. These cookies were "White Chocolate Sugar cookies" as yummy as it sounds, they were!!!
But I think that I will stick to my regular recipe, it was just a little Sweet to my likings.
And over here are some star cake pops That I made also for my Family. It was a New years cake pop as well. Since they were "only" for my Family, I didn't really want to waste my "cake pop sticks, so I used toothpicks instead. And I garnished them with colored sugar.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas Tree Cake pops

This is my attempt at making christmas tree cake pops. These are made with French vanilla cake. It was so yummy, that it was gone with a snap of a finger.

Gift Cakes

I made these cakes for my God sister. It was her daughters 1st birthday, and her birthday is on Christmas day. So what better way than to make little gift cakes.
She wanted a cake and a smash cake for her little one. I made the big one red velvet with Marshmallow fondant, and the small one with vanilla cake and vanilla icing.
Not bad, since I had no training in making cakes what so ever. All I know is that it was Delicious, so as I was told.
I do intend on taking Cake decorating classes, just to brush up more on what I know, because somewhere along the future, I want to add cake decorating into part of my business.

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